Product Type: Book & Video (Hard Print & DVD) Title of Book: LEARN ENGLISH WITH AKIN Producer: Moses Ayomikun Oladipupo

Book Description

Learn With Akin is a series that promises to educate young ones with innovative, engaging, systematic, and productive content in a retainable way. Learn With Akin Series is not only meticulous about teaching knowledge and intelligence the best way possible, it is also very meticulous about embedding right morals and values in the young. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr puts it, “Education without morals is like a ship without compass merely wondering no where.” For this reason, we believe it is futile to educate young ones without morals. Learn With Akin Series promises to make learning fun, engaging, and productive, and we’ve just started it in grand style. Your kids can’t afford to miss it.
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Product Type: Book & Audio (Hard Print & Audio CD) Title of Book: POEMS FOR THE YOUNG Editor: Moses Ayomikun Oladipupo

Book Description

This book is a collection of poems especially for kids. The goal of its production is to teach kids how to read and to speed up their  learning process while getting to know some useful poems. For this reason it also comes with an audio CD that children can listen to while they read. The audio has very good and accurate English pronunciations. Apart from this, I suppose using poems to learn how to read is a great idea because of the use of rhymes in poems. One of the most tricky things about reading in English Language is the fact that words sometimes sound different from how they are spelt. In many languages, the moment you know the alphabet you should be quite able to read comfortably. However this is not true concerning English language. For example one of the rhymes I spotted in this book is "rise" and "eyes". Though they sound similar yet their spellings vary completely. For this reason, helping children get acquainted with this tricky aspect of the language by means of rhymes is a great idea. Asides these, the poems are carefully selected to be such as build character and teach about life generally. There are some amusing poems there too, but in all, they have a constructive effect on the minds of the young. I therefore recommend it to every single child out there.
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Product Type: eBook Title of Book: FINDING MEANING FROM MATHEMATICAL RESULTS Name of Author: Jude Ugochukwu Akpah

About The Book

An answer is urgently needed to address the dichotomy between the experiences in the classroom and that of the industry. This holds the key to the relevance of today’s graduates and improvement in the performance of industries The belief that school theories differ from industrial realities is directly connected to this existential dichotomy. This book represents an outpouring of the heart of the author resulting from his experience as a professional lecturer and an industrial practitioner in modern day economy. The book refuses to concede the existence of any difference between the ordinary class exercises and industrial practice. The gap we seem to observe today between the class and the field of practice is rather traceable to two major phenomena - the learning methods of students and the inadequacy of the school curriculum Hence, graduates are no longer useful in the industry even with good grades Consequently, firms, if profitable at all, are not as profitable as they ought to be owing to lack of strategic manpower needed to enhance optimal performance The book in your hands now is an effort to rejuvenate firms by getting graduates really ready for industrial challenges Finally, it is informative to note that the decision to pen down the ideas in this book was not propelled by the desire to be among the comity of authors The decision was not even taken while doing office work or studying in the school. Rather, like a sudden illumination, it surged to the mind while the author was engaged in some domestic activities, moving in and out of his room for one reason or the other. The book therefore represents a tonic to every positive mind with the goal of making impact.
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Product Type: e-Book Title of Book: MY FIRST PICTURE ALPHABET WORKBOOK Name of Author: Festus Oladipupo Publisher: Talking Books (+234 803 368 6942)

Book Description

This is a workbook that will enable your kid learn and write the English Alphabet early. It is very useful for both children who are learning how to write the first time as well as those who already know how to right but needs to master it.
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Product Type: e-Book Title of Book: YOU TOO CAN SUCCEED Name of Author: Jairu Feludu ISBN: 978 35111 30 Publisher: Jaifess Press

Preface To The Book

This new edition of You Too Can Succeed provides questions at the end of each chapter to help the young reader recall and meditate on what has been read. This is intended to serve the dual purpose of increasing retention and creating vision that will lead to goal setting and achievement. Some of the chapters have been revised with a view to providing more information and correcting some errors that appeared in the previous edition. More role models have also been introduced whose profiles are bound to inspire the young reader to strive for a life beyond the average. On the whole this edition with coloured photographs of many of the personalities showcased as role models on the front cover, has a breathtaking fresh look. -C. Jairu Feludu, M.Ed (G&C), MCASSON
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