Product Type: e-Book Title of Book: DE-ZOMBIELISERS Name of Author: Moses Ayomikun Oladipupo ( ISBN: 978-978-53971-5-4 Publisher: Crystal Frames (

Book Description

The peaceful people of Peaseland never thought it could happen. They never even imagined it. Life was so monotonously blissful that they couldn't wish anything else. Monotony was not loathsome to the people of Peaseland if that monotony is characterised by bliss. But when and how they least expected, inspired by a wild ambition, some conspirators sought to capture Peaseland. They had planned their conspiracy scheme so well that they were sure they'd succeed. They were on their way to bringing Peaseland to its knees. They could have succeeded, but a young man, rising up to the challenge, saved them all. He put his life on the line and got Peaseland a hard earned salvation from the evil conspirators. Join Bob as he takes you through the story that made him and his family rise up to national heroes of Peaseland.
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